• Mechanic Trucks

    • From the crane to the body, including the compressor and heavy-duty drawer sets - all components of the mechanic truck are built by Stellar Industries!


  • Propane Service Truck 

    • The Stellar® TMAX™ Propane Gas Service Trucks from Stellar Industries, Inc. are extremely versatile. They make transporting, loading and unloading gas cylinders a simple, single-person operation without the need of a trailer or additional setting equipment.


  • Hooklifts

    • Stellar Industries provides the largest line of hydraulic hooklift hoists in North America. With both articulating tilt and sliding jib hooklifts, Stellar offers nearly fifty different models covering a wide range of capacities and body sizes.


  • Cable Hoists

    • Through the use of innovative design processes, Stellar has improved numerous items on the cable hoist, including piston pumps, zinc plated pins, improved cable routing and decreased shipping weight, which in turn increases the payload.


  • Container Carriers

    • The Stellar Industries Container Carrier can meet all your container delivery, switching and now dumping needs - available with the optional 360-degree rotator attachment.


  • Tarping Systems

    • The Stellar Industries container tarping system offers easy installation, smooth, convenient operation and most importantly, it's the toughest, most maintenance free tarping system available. When it comes to your company's bottom line, the proven SI Tarping System will keep you in the black. Tarping systems are available for hooklifts and cable hoists.


  • Heavy-Duty Cranes

    • Stellar heavy-duty telescopic cranes bring more value added features to the market than any competitive crane in its class. The design parameters were developed using months of input from users throughout North America.

  • Light-Duty Cranes

    • Stellar light-duty telescopic cranes, are designed to do the job quicker and more efficient than any competitive product. Stellar cranes bring more value added features to the market than any competitive crane in its class. The design parameters were developed using months of input from users throughout North America.

  • EC Series Cranes

    • For ease of operation, and economical investment, the EC line of service cranes are built to the highest standards demanded of all Stellar products.

  • TC Series Cranes

    • The Stellar TC Series cranes offer a combination of European compact design and refinement with American control sensibilities. The TC Series is a tall mast telescopic crane commonly referred to as a "T-Boom" crane. The design offers ultimate compactness to take up minimal bed space, yet offers up to 18.6 feet of hydraulic reach to maximize the load radius of the larger models.


  • Commercial Fleet Series

  • AG Service

  • OTR Service

  • Large OTR Service

  • Portable Fluid Skid

  • Tire Tools


  • X-Tra-Lift

    • The complete X-Tra-Lift pick-up loading devices are a giant leap in the truck accessory market. With the use of hydraulic technology, advanced engineering and the use of aesthetically pleasing materials your pick-up truck will become more useful.


  • Stellar Industries 6000MH Railroad and Sign Truck Crane

    • The Stellar Model 6000MH hydraulic articulating crane was created with the railroad industry in mind, but is applicable to many markets. The 6000MH has two 70” hydraulic extensions with a maximum horizontal reach of 26’ 5" and a maximum vertical lift of 29’ from the base of the crane. Rated at 60,000 foot/pounds, this machine is available with either a pedestal or truck frame-mounted base. Once again, Stellar offers trend-setting advantages available on this machine. In its class, the 6000MH is the leader in foot/pound rating with a 6,000 pound capacity at 10’, and a full hydraulic extension out to a horizontal reach of 26’ 5" from centerline of crane. Adding to this combination is standard heavy-duty hex boom construction and fully proportional radio remote control. Stellar Industries offers the crane of the future today for our discriminating buyers.


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